Who can apply

At least initially all descendants of Italians have the right to citizenship since it is transmitted by blood (parenthood) without limit of generations, but there are some restrictions in cases of transmission by the maternal line.

Paternal lineage. People whose direct ancestors on the Italian side are all men have the right to the Italian citizenship.

Maternal lineage. In cases where there is a woman on the transmission line, she can only transmit the Italian citizenship to children born after January 1, 1948.

Marriage. Women and men married to Italians until April 27, 1983 have the right to obtain citizenship automatically in cases where the citizenship of their spouse or husband is recognized. Same-sex married couples will also have the same right.

To begin with the process, the first step that must be taken is to find your Italian ascendant, who will be the person we call dante causa, that is, the person who transmits the right to citizenship to his descendants.

We might not forget that Italy emerged as a unified country in 1861. Therefore, for a person to be considered an Italian citizen, his/her ancestor must have been born in the so-called unified Italy.

It is also very important to know the birthplace of the native Italian family because some regions, which are currently Italian, were in the past foreign ones, such as Trento that was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire until the year 1919. In this way, only those who left this region after July 16, 1920 will be considered “Italians”.

Another issue that must be taken into account is that Italians who have acquired other citizenships renouncing the Italian, can’t transmit it to their descendants.

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