Required documents

The required documents for the recognition of Italian citizenship depend on the family tree of each family. Thus, the ideal is to build this tree on paper to observe who are the family members who could transmit the Italian citizenship. Out of this study we will have to gather all certificates of the people who are part of the whole transmission line, starting with the dante causa, originally from Italy, passing through all their descendants until find you.

The full certified copies of the certificates (and recent) that must be collected from each family member of the transmission line are:

– Italian birth certificate of the Italian ancestor;
– Birth certificate of all family members of the transmission line and of the applicant;
– Marriage Certificate of all family members of the transmission line and of the applicant;
– Certificate of Death of all relatives of the transmission line who are deceased;
– Certificate of Naturalization of the Italian ancestor.

The document that will start the process is the birth certificate or certification of baptism of the relative born in Italy. This certificate must be ORIGINAL and recent. Nevretheless, if the family does not have this document we can carry out their search and request for their issuance and regularization.

It is imperative that all the information contained in the certificates coincide, so the first thing we will do is to perform a full analysis of all documents. In case there are discrepancies, they must be officially corrected.

After verifying all the documents, we must translate them into Italian (necessarily through a sworn translator) and carry out a notary certification. Finally, we will apostille all the certificates and their respective sworn translations so that they have validity in Italy.

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