How we work

Our work is developed in three stages:

1st Stage – Home Country

At this stage, as soon as the client sends us the full certifies copies of the ancestors’ certificates (or, if the client wishes we request them, as soon as we have all in our possession), we will carry out a thorough analysis of each one in order to verify if there is a need for some correction, mainly in dates and names. These discrepancies are in fact very common, since there was much difference in the spelling, especially of the Italian surnames, when they were registered abroad.

We will make the necessary corrections through an administrative or judicial process as the case may be (our own lawyer will solve these issues) and once corrected and reissued, the certificates will be translated (through our sworn translator) and finally apostilled (international legalization) so that may have legal value in Italy.

2nd Stage – Intermediate

This is the shortest phase, which would consist solely in preparing the trip and booking a residence in Italy for the client and his/her family.

In addition, our team in Italy will be finishing all the preparations to receive the client and his/her family.

3rd Stage – Italy

Once arrived in Italy, the client and his/her family will be received by us at the airport and taken to the house where they will live and we begin the nationality procedures. All forms will be prepared by our team and we will be able to initiate the formal application for citizenship the next day.

At this stage, we will need a series of documents that will be prepared by us, and the client won’t worry about any kind of bureaucracy.

As soon as we file the citizenship petition in the Comune, we will wait for the visit of the vigile urbano who is a municipal police officer whose function is to verify if the person who is applying for citizenship actually lives in that house. As soon as this visit takes place, the vigile will inform the Comune and immediately register the interested party as a resident.

As of this stage, the Comune will communicate with the foreign Consulate (which has jurisdiction in the city where the client lived in his/her original country) so that this one sends a proof that the dante cause never requested a foreign nationality. This stage can last between 4 and 8 weeks (average).

Finally, once this document has arrived in the Comune, an Italian birth certificate will be issued and we can immediately request the Italian identity card and the passport.

This process in Italy can take approximately 3 months, depending on how quickly the Consulate sends the certificate of non-naturalization.

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