If you have Italian ancestors, you may have the right to citizenship

Normally countries limit the possibility of applying for citizenship to a few generations born outside the countries of origin of their ancestors (usually parents and grandparents).

Italy is an exception because it recognizes Jus Sanguinis citizenship (right of bloodwithout limits of generations, in cases of transmission from parents to children (grandchildren, etc.).

If the transmission line of citizenship is paternal, that is, if all your ascendants are male, you have the right to citizenship regardless of your generation.

In case there is a woman on the transmission line, she can only transfer the citizenship to the children who were born after 01/01/1948. Those born before this date still have the possibility to apply for citizenship by a special lawsuit due to Sentence n. 4466, of 02/25/2009.

In order to apply for Italian citizenship, it is not required that people speak the Italian language or know Italian law or history.

The process of requesting Italian citizenship can be done from your country or from Italy. The process in your country is cheaper, but the bureaucracy is much larger and the process takes much longer. The average wait time in the ranks of the Italian Consulates is 10 years.

The process in Italy is super fast and the average waiting time, if all the documentation is correct, is 4 months. The disadvantage is that it is more expensive, since the person requesting it should be in Italy during this time.

So you think, how do I go to Italy without speaking Italian? How do I rent a property? I do not know where I have to go to start the process in Italy or what documentation should I submit, etc… So I tell you that if you have the financial conditions to stay in Italy these months, which is the most difficult requirement, we take care of the rest.

We are a consultancy specialized in applications for Italian citizenship Jus Sanguinis. Our service is personalized and we perform a complete work: analysis of documentation, corrections and issuance of certificates, sworn translation into Italian, authentication and legalization of documentation (Hague Apostille), advice for travel and housing in Italy, application for nationality and all needed documents in Italy.

We serve customers from all over the world. We speak Portuguese, English, Spanish, French, German and Italian. If you have any questions related to the citizenship application or about the services we offer do not hesitate to contact us. It will be a pleasure to answer all your questions.

Phone: +34 637 15 49 21

Skype: Cidadania Italiana Express

E-mail: cidadaniaitalianaexpress@gmail.com




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